3-D Imaging   

Cone Beam CT (CBCT) scanning represents a major technological step forward for the patients, dentists and staff of Elite Dentistry.

CBCT imaging provides our clinical team with a three dimensional (3D) "volumetric" scan of a patient's teeth and surrounding jaw, sinus and Temporomandibular Joint structures. A simple 14 second scan by our Galileos 3D CBCT, combined with powerful software tools, allow our dentists to visualize a patient's dental, periodontal and potential pathology status much more completely than ever before. In fact, studies indicate that 25% more abnormalities are found by clinicians with CBCT scans than with traditional two dimensional x-rays.

CBCT images and software provide not only expanded diagnostic information, but offer significant treatment planning advantages as well. The Galileos 3D scanning device was selected for our practice because of its ability to integrate with the CEREC CAD/CAM technology. The synergy of these two technologies will allow our dentists to fully plan, design, and predictably place dental implants here in our office. Dental implant placement is an exciting new clinical service that we can now offer to our patients.